Original Score by Sean Jefferson Featured in Film Short "Brick by Brick"

Brick by Brick Poster

Sean’s original film score is featured in the short drama “Brick by Brick” (2019) directed by Tina DaCosta Chapman. The independent film is the first score completed by Sean in 2019.

Brick by Brick is intended to be one chapter in a feature-length film based on the true story of Chapman DaCosta’s father, Elza “Buddy” Cannaday, who overcame pain, rejection and systemic obstacles to become the first licensed and bonded African American contractor in Cleveland in the 1950s. The short film is set in 1941, when Cannaday left his farm in rural Ohio to seek work as a brick mason and search for an estranged family member. 

Tina Chapman DaCosta wrote, directed and produced the film along with producer Micky Levy and co-producer Marina Viscun. She intends to begin production on the next chapter this summer.

Story Credits & Contributions: SJ Admin, Luke Auburn

Sean Jefferson